We offer a full line of cattle services


  • JT Cattle Company offers a state of the art solution to preparing your calves for finishing. Working with our nutritionist and consulting veterinarian, we have developed a processing and ration combination that will bring calves to feed where cattle are able to maximize feed efficiency and restore good health prior to entering the finishing stage. We are truly a custom yard and will develop a plan that works best for your cattle and situation.

Outside Cattle Program

  • JT Cattle Company offers a complete outside cattle program during certain times of the year. Our program works to minimize cost of gain while maximizing feed efficiency for each animal.


  • Our small size allows us to do what large corporations can’t. We custom finish cattle of all types and lot sizes. We offer the same technology in rations as a large feeder while providing superior customer service and attention. This attention to detail can add value to your cattle from pasture to finish.

We Are Professional Cattle Marketers

  • We have spent years developing relationships with area feedyards and packers. These relationships allow us to market cattle in a variety of ways to insure that your cattle bring top dollar.
  • We understand the urgency of shipping cattle when they need to be shipped and receiving a return on your investment. We understand that not all cattle grow at the same rate. Your cattle will be custom sorted and shipped according to condition. We will never rely on a “head day” program to tell us when your cattle are ready to be marketed.


Custom Cattle Procurement

  • Looking for cattle to feed? Let us help you. We have built relationships with dealers across the country to offer loads of cattle that will get to work the day they go on feed. We are dealers of native as well as Mexican cattle and can work with you to purchase a product that will work for your specifications. Feed them with us or ship them to a yard of your choice, JT Cattle Company can work with you to insure that this process is hassle free.
  • Need cattle to go on grass? JT Cattle Company offers contract specified loads that will be ready when you need them. Our turn-key program offers cattle that are processed, straight and ready to maximize gain on your country. We can custom sort a load that will fit your operation.

We Buy Cattle

  • Avoid sale barn commissions and stress to your cattle by selling them directly to us. The relationship that we build with you is important to us. We will negotiate the best price for your cattle and terms (shrink/slides) that are suitable for both parties.